Would you rather be a sad Socrates or a happy pig?

Thấy người ta share rồi comment liên miên trên mạng xã hội nhiều lúc làm mình phát chán và mệt mỏi. Mấy vấn đề nóng cứ nóng dần lên bởi những cuộc tranh luận lý tính mà cả nguyên cộng động hơn 40 triệu Facebookers này ai cũng nghĩ là mình đúng hay là có quyền đúng. Continue reading



It was a hazy evening. The mist, with which carried the chilling sense of a winter night, fell heavily on the rugged street while slowly pervading into every corner of this small town. Not far off the road track, those scrawny branches were hovering as if their boughs had grown out in middle of the air. Pale shimmer of the streetlamps glazed over the ground, heaving into sight a silhouette of a man wandering in the dark from the far back. Continue reading

Con người (tiếp)


Suy nghĩ sau khi đọc bài báo The rise of American authoritarianism 

Con người, họ sợ thay đổi. Họ sợ xã hội mất trật tự. Họ sợ khủng bố, dân nhập cư, đồng tính,… Họ sợ tất cả những thứ gì có tiềm năng phá hỏng cái sự tuần hoàn trong đời sống của họ. Họ nghi ngờ và sợ hãi người khác. Đơn giản là họ mất niềm tin vào con người. Continue reading


I’d like to enjoy the solitude at a corner table in a café, where I can immerse myself in observing the traffic outside through the glass window. Those lines of people rushing on the road enthrall me in such an abstruse way that my thoughts gradually merge with them, flowing throughout the street. All rivers run to sea. Each motorbike carries a life, or two, three,… but they are all on the same road. They meet at a crossroad and part at another. They all are different but still the same. Continue reading

Grown up

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

My sister used to tell me about my childhood memories since I was too little to remember. Among them, there was this one piece that now at this stage of my life, strikes me so hard when recalling. One day, I was attending art class at my kindergarten school, teacher asked us to draw a landscape, in which must include a house and an air plane. I took the description quite well, drawing a big house all over the paper and a little shadow of the airplane on the ground. My teacher surprisingly asked why I did not draw an actual plane. Continue reading