Grown up

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

My sister used to tell me about my childhood memories since I was too little to remember. Among them, there was this one piece that now at this stage of my life, strikes me so hard when recalling. One day, I was attending art class at my kindergarten school, teacher asked us to draw a landscape, in which must include a house and an air plane. I took the description quite well, drawing a big house all over the paper and a little shadow of the airplane on the ground. My teacher surprisingly asked why I did not draw an actual plane. I replied innocently:  ‘Because the plane is so up high, we cannot see it here with the house so I just draw the shadow of its flying’.

This is like a glass of iced water splashing onto my face. For all these years, trying to grow up, to be mature and suddenly I realize that I have already lost myself. We, as kids, used to be so dynamic that the world in our eyes is full of wonders. The creative source bursts out from our souls ceaselessly. We dare to stand up against all the conformity or dogmas; we dare the question the norms and we dare to question the world. Where are those kids now?

If I ask what your dream car would be like, I bet that many of us would share about their fantasy of a sporty Lamborghini or a flashy Porsche. If this is the case, our dreams are so mediocre not even worth comparing to these kids’. Let yourself be jaw-dropping in front of these idiosyncratic dreams belonging to Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. This is an annual contest for kids aged 7 to 15 around the world to express their dream cars via art. Incidentally bumping into a few weeks ago, when I was admiring every artwork on every page, I knew I was screwing with my life. Those kids remind me that dreams are unlimited and imagination takes human go beyond the universe. Looking at those amazing eye-openings, I reflect back to the most recent occasion that I actually took a pencil and completed a picture, and that was… a long long time ago.


Gold artwork from Stefania Mihaela Calinescu aged 14, Romania

Life changes us so much. As kids, we are like a pure white cloth but as growing up, life keeps dipping that cloth into various jars of colors. We are constrained by our family, our friends, the society, and the thoughts not of our own. We are living in a mechanic routine of ideology process that pushes us away from our true creative self. That is why we constantly seek for escapism. We want to escape. We want to be free from the chains of boring daily life and live in another reality, where everything is full of joy and inspiration. Yes, we desperately need an inspiration.

Undoubtedly, Lego is famous not only for their toys but also their content marketing. They never became the world’s most powerful toy brand as it is today without its fandom. For this reason, Lego targets to bring out the nostalgia and affection among the adult audience in their marketing strategy. You can look at Lego’s Instagram or Youtube channel to check out all the cool videos they made. Toys come alive in various imaginative scenario like battle field, battle on sea, etc. leaving the viewers immersed in the fantasy they once had as a child.

One among many cool videos LEGO made

For many of us, to grow up means to gradually lose our ability to be creative. Somehow we just want to be kids again to live up our rotting minds with the endless source of inspiration we once possessed. And yes you can be a kid again. Just release yourself, be foolish, be childish, be crazy, be wild and be inspired. How to be outside the box if we still think we are living inside it?


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