I’d like to enjoy the solitude at a corner table in a café, where I can immerse myself in observing the traffic outside through the glass window. Those lines of people rushing on the road enthrall me in such an abstruse way that my thoughts gradually merge with them, flowing throughout the street. All rivers run to sea. Each motorbike carries a life, or two, three,… but they are all on the same road. They meet at a crossroad and part at another. They all are different but still the same.

When I am riding my motorbike, I never truly focus on the traffic but always glance at elsewhere. As a kid, sitting at back seat on the bike, I was so fascinating with all the signs, posters or billboards along the pavements. Growing up, I’d prefer looking at people when I ride. The commuters on the road, the shopkeepers in a store, the customers at a street vendor, etc. I like the feeling of watching them from a far distance. It is not that I am a nosy person but sometimes it is just an intrinsic instinct I cannot describe. Don’t you think it is interesting? On the same road, every person is their own destiny.

The recent refugee crisis in Europe has sparkled the controversy among people around the world. Interesting enough, when they are victimized at their own country, no one cares to talk about and now many of us are standing against their migration. Few weeks ago, a Facebook page (Vietnamese) shared its thought on how we should be more humane towards those refugees and it appeared on my newsfeed. The most unexpected thing I witnessed was that the post received such an amount of negative comments that I could not imagine how cruel human race had become. ‘Why should we help them? Let them in and they are just nothing but thieves or barbarians’; ‘Why should we give out our money to help them? Why our fiscal?’; ‘The author of this post is so naïve! Wake up!’; etc.


Refugees in Lesbos against the cold

What is happening with this world? I am aware that individual has the right to express their own opinion but do it must come to this extent? You may do not want to help them but do not slander about them. They are hurt enough already. Nobody wants to bet their life to escape from their own home. Not everybody has a decent life that every night they can lounge on their comfortable bed, commenting on the living of somebody else on Facebook. Then why there are still people giving those heartless prejudices to someone of thousands miles away that they could never know for the rest of their life. Perhaps Internet has been too easy on human’s selfishness. I was so shocked when reading those comments that I was trying to reply back with tons of words. However, after a thoughtful breath, I quitted that intention. I could not blame them anyways. Maybe it is the Internet we should blame for. Maybe.


Screenshot from Human.

In the documentary Human of talented director Yann Arthus-Bertrand, there was this one scene that moved me so much. It was the scene interviewing a refugee from Afghanistan:

“I live in jungle. The police come and disturb us: ‘You have to leave the jungle!’ I said: ‘Where I have to go? Show me the place. We want to go to that.’ He said: ‘You have to go back to your country.’ I said: ‘Where is my country? I don’t have a country, man! It’s a killing ground! It’s a ground of killing people; it’s a ground of fighting. It’s not a country; Afghanistan is not a country now. It’s a killing ground, man! 37 countries came to control that country, but they cannot control these people. The UN cannot control these people! How can you send me back to that country? I lost my family in that country. How can I go back to that country? I was a refugee in Pakistan, a refugee in Iran, a refugee in Dubai, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and now I’m a refugee in France. But let me live, man. I don’t want anything from you. I don’t want eating from you. I don’t want anything from you. I don’t need help! But let me to live.’”


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